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Against Nazism! Against Communism! Against Fascism! Against Yugoslavia (aka Yugo-Serbia). Against Tchetniks and fascistic Great-Serbia!




Attention : This Vinyl album is limited to 23 copies in black Vinyl and to 23 copies in clear vinyl.

This vinyl will be produced only after your order and your receieved payment. The vinyl will be cut like a Dubplate!

It is in the same quality as normal Vinyl, NOT to play as Dubplates only 10-15 times!

The producing costs are extremly high, but because we don´t like to offer 500 or 1000 copies, we decide this way!


Transponder - Dance Motherfucker



A : 1. Bewegt euch feat. Leaether Strip, 2. Stomp The Cybers feat. Leaether Strip, 3. Tanz Kretin, tanz feat. Leaether Strip

B : 1. Dance Motherfucker, 2. Sounds From Hell, 3. Totally Bass


Order beginning : 10th April 2019.


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