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Radio Body Music - Dark Kassel Radio Body Music - Body To Body Radio Body Music - Ragnarök Radio Body Music - Work Hard Orkus Compilation 118

Orkus Compilation 120 Radio Body Music - Iron Minds Radio Body Music - Body Virus Radio Dextera Cristmas Compilation 32 Sonic Seducer 12 2016

CRL Studios Presents Sacred Territories Volume 2 POS.:2 - Neonlicht Tragic Error - Tanzen (The Remixes) Erotikon I Various Artists - The Undestroable Disease Volume 3




- Croatia of Leaether Strip
Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel of Karel Svoboda
Fantasy Girl of Johnny O.
Headhunter of Front 242
Photographic of Depeche Mode
Tanzen of Tragic Error
Tanzen gehn of Hubert Kah
We Want Some Pussy of The 2 Live Crew




If you are interested to collaborate in this “The Cure Tribute”, please download the instrumental songs in mp3 : [ HERE ].
(If you don´t kow zippyshare : please download the files ONLY at the ORANGE button “Download Now”.)

Please contact Stefan via [
Facebook ] to reserve the songs you like to sing.

We choose only 13 songs because it is possible that you do of 5 songs from the 13 your own remix which can be put on the Tribute too.

We need your voice a) with effects you like AND b) without effects in 16 bit. wav.

VERY IMPORTANT : Please note that you must send us ONLY the voice (without music) from 0:00 minutes till end of the song (not only in this parts where you sing!).

Please send us your voice via
www.wetransfer.com to transponder242@web.de .

Deadline is the 1st September 2017.



01. Closedown featuring XXX
02. A Forest featuring Thalie Nemesis
03. Inbetween Days featuring Vuduvox
04. Lovesong featuring Elektrokraft
05. Fascination Street featuring WANT/ed
06. Just Like Heaven featuring XXX
07. Hot Hot Hot featuring XXX
08. Charlotte Sometimes featuring XXX
09. Pictures Of You featuring WANT/ed
10. This Twilight Garden featuring StykFaktor
11. Close To Me featuring Euforic Existence
12. Lullaby featuring Elektrokraft
13. The Walk featuring XXX
14. Song XXX (Remix by XXX)
15. Song XXX (Remix by XXX)
16. Song XXX (Remix by XXX)
17. Song XXX (Remix by XXX)
18. Song XXX (Remix by XXX)


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